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Kuteb land has many landmark tourist attractions. These include:


This was a shrine where women, children and properties were given shelter during war invasions.


A set pattern of stone arrangements on top of Akente hill, which served for military purposes. During war these stones are rolled down the hill, either to crush or scare off the enemy.


This is a place on Akente hill where the gathering of chief-makers, such as the Kukwen, to approve the Ukwe's appointment before the official inauguration.

others include,

The famous Rock Formations with human outlook at a cave in Kpambo. The rock has a mystery of Protecting the community from evils forces and physical aggression e.g. war. Similar rock formation with caves exists in Fikyu.

There is also early Missionary Settlement of Lupwe.

The German Monumentation Achillo hills showing the boundary between Nigeria and the UN Trust Territory of Southern Nigeria.

There is the Takum-Pass between Rikwencwu Hill.

The Mysteries Mbarikam Hill, the hill with changing shapes. When viewed from the west, it depicts a throne and indeed it locates the traditional capital of the Kutebs and other People of Takum Kingdom.

The iki (masquerade)

The Ukwe Palace in Takum

Other artefacts, which depict Kuteb arts, exist in the Ukwe palace museum